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Geoinvestigate provides expertise in Site investigation, contaminated land surveys, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental engineering and drilling services

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Key Geo-services

Our dedicated and experienced team of geo-environmental engineers, Engineering Geologists, and Geotechnical Engineers offer a broad range of specialist Site investigation services tailored to meet the needs of most types of geo-development in both soil and rock. Our activities cover larger and smaller engineering projects involving contaminated land, highways and roads, tunnels, earthworks, excavations and basements, slope stability, retaining walls, foundations, coal mining stability and natural sinkhole hazards.

Geoinvestigate will tackle any size of job from a small house extension to a large retail park with the same enthusiasm, dedication and care to ensuring quality and value for money to our clients.

Key services provided by the company include Phase 1 Desk Studies or desk top studies, Phase 2 Intrusive site investigations or ground investigations, microdrilling, reconnaissance and walkover surveys, Borehole Drilling, soil and rock drilling, trial pitting, ground gas sampling and monitoring, ground water sampling and monitoring, Coal mining risk assessments, contaminated land investigation, Contaminated land risk assessment, conceptual site models, contaminated land remediation and validation, mine shaft investigation, Coal mining reports, building subsidence, geothermal surveys, radon assessments and sink hole investigation.

Geo-techniques used

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  • Phase 1 Desk Studies
  • Site reconnaissance and walkover surveys
  • Phase 2 site and ground investigation
  • Trial pits and test holes and test pits
  • Microdrilling
  • Window and windowless sampling (hand held and Dando terrier mini-tracked rig)
  • Boreholes (cable percussive; shell and auger)
  • Rotary drilling (open hole rock drilling and core sampling)
  • Down the hole hammer probing (DTH)
  • Soakaway tests permeability tests or percolation tests
  • Dynamic probing or dynamic penetration testing (DPT)
  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  • Dynamic cone penetrometer
  • Concrete coring
  • Small diameter rock boring or geotechnical microdrilling or microprobing
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test or Plate Bearing Test
  • Gas sampling and analysis
  • Ground water sampling and analysis
  • Chemical analysis and contamination screening
  • Geotechnical testing

Our dedicated team of geoscientists offer a broad range of specialist Site investigation services tailored to meet the needs of most types of geo-development. Please contact us for a no obligation quotation or more information about how we can help your project. We provide a nationwide service.

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