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Another great days drilling in Richmond

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Photograph taken last week in glorious bright sunshine and blue skies of the magnificent view over the beautiful River Swale Valley, the Yorkshire Dales and Richmond Castle with light snow cover on the hills in the background.

Site investigation in spring doesn’t get get much better than this amazing Yorkshire scene!

Eat your heart Geoinvestigate’s Reading Site investigation office !

Richmond site investigation

The job was a borehole Site investigation to establish piling depths for a new luxury home on a steep terraced slope with a 2m high retaining wall just behind the drill rig.

Limestone rock head was located at 3.90m below drift cover comprising 1m to 2m of loose fill behind the wall followed by initially firm then stiff and very stiff Glacial Till/Boulder Clay.

Geoinvestigate recommended the piles to be socketed into rock to a length of 1.50m with DTH to avoid the risk of founding on boulders, fissured limestone or detached blocks of limestone sub-crop.

Richmond site report