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Assisting CH4 Sustainability

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Assisting CH4

Geoinvestigate are pleased to announce their recent vital role in assisting CH4 Sustainability to obtain planning permission to build a 500kW waste-to-energy plant at High Hedley Hope Farm in County Durham.

The final planning hurdle concerning the stability of the plant site from shallow mine workings was overcome on 22 October 2013 when the Coal Authority after considering the findings of a report from Geoinvestigate advised Durham County Council to remove their objection.

On the 5th of November 2013 all conditions were discharged by the planning committee and the plant installation can now go ahead. Mr Drennan (site owner) was clearly delighted, “Getting planning permission for waste to energy plants is notoriously difficult.”

Project leader CH4 Sustainability described Geoinvestigate as “a partner they have had pleasure in working with”.