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Borehole Drilling Services

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Geoinvestigate provide a wide variety of Borehole Drilling services. These range from small diameter hand augers typically limited to depths < 3m; Hand held percussive window sampling where a tube is driven into the ground up to 6m using a petrol, electric or hydraulic jack hammer and extracted using simple jacks or a hydraulic ram; probing or dynamic penetration testing whereby a small diameter drill string and a solid cone tip is driven into the ground up to 15m by a standard drop weight raised by chain on a small portable wheeled rig with mast; deeper, larger 150mm – 350mm diam. cable percussion Boreholes or shell and auger borings extending to 10m or 30m typically and occasionally even up to 60m and deeper; shallow or deep rotary open hole percussive for basic mine working investigation with no core recovery and rotary drilling with core recovery for more complex geotechnical evaluation.