Coal Mining Risk Assessment

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Geoinvestigate's experts have been providing specialist technical Coal Mining Risk Assessments for 20 years to architects, developers, engineers, councils and the public.

Our team can provide a top quality, fast turn-around CMRA report within a week.

In special circumstances a CMRA can be turned around within 48 hours providing the UK Coal Authority can complete their starter report within this timescale.

Beware providers promising an assessment within 24 hrs. The earliest the Coal Authority say they can provide their starter report is typically 24 hrs to 3 days and more likely to be 2 days currently. You are either being promised something that can't normally be delivered - being sold a rushed job - or both.

Geoinvestigate's experts are highly experienced and fully qualified to carry out CMRAs. By doing it right first time and complying with current government planning guidance we can save you TIME and MONEY by avoiding unnecessary delays caused by shoddy workmanship. An example of a non-compliant CMRA is provided at the end of our Shopping Tips Menu.


Planning applications in High Risk coal mining areas require a specialist Coal Mining Risk Assessment or CMRA. While some types of development may be exempt most new buildings and building extensions are not.

The CMRA is a desk study report based on a Coal Mining Report and other available maps & plans.

The CMRA report will identify the risks from coal mining and what needs to be done to make your site safe for development.

Without a CMRA your planning application will not get approval and your development will be delayed.

Geoinvestigate can help identify if your site falls within a High Risk area and needs a CMRA or whether your development is exempt.

CALL US FREE. We are happy to discuss any queries you may about CMRA - How it affects you and how we can help.

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