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Dando Terrier Drilling and Boreholes

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Geoinvestigate operates and hires out several Dando Terrier sampling and geotechnical rigs. In accordance with the manufacturer guidance Geoinvestigate’s rigs are always manned by 2 of its well-trained operators. Though you may pay a bit more – the increase in production in metres per day and the peace of mind that comes from knowing the equipment is being  safely used is worth it.

With 2 operators the rig is capable of completing up to 8 Boreholes to 5 meters a day.

Typically the rig is hired out at £650 per day with 2 operators subject to location and travelling distance excl. VAT. Geoinvestigate can provide a basic drilling and sampling service or with full logging and site attendance by an engineering geologist.

The Dando Terrier sampling and geotechnical rig has been designed specifically for sampling and testing for geotechnical and environmental analysis. Crawler-mounted for easy site access in the most arduous conditions. Simple to operate and maintain, extremely reliable and competitively priced.

Compact manoeuvrable crawler-mounted design ideally suited for long wheel-base transit type vans for fast mobilisation to site and secure storage of all equipment.

2-Piece drop hammer for sampling and testing incorporated in mast assembly with hydraulic cylinder giving 7000 Kgs pull-back for recovery of casing and sampling tools. The mast assembly can be detached for remote operation in restricted access locations. Hydraulic tilting undercarriage allows operation on inclined slopes up to 30 degrees from horizontal. Deck area with storage capacity for all required drilling tools.

The Concrete coring head is useful when concrete and tarmac overlie the area to be sampled. Range of windowless sample tubes with plastic liners ensuring high quality samples, good presentation and ease of handling and transportation.