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Geo-environmental Due Diligence Services Newcastle

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Geo-environmental Due Diligence Services Newcastle  

Geoinvestigate are pleased to announce Jack Harper’s promotion to Group Contaminated Land and Due Diligence Manager.

Due diligence risk screening desk top study

Geo-environmental due diligence risk screening desk top study


Jacks strong academic background in science and contaminated land management from Durham and Newcastle universities and his considerable professional experience gained over 10 years at Geoinvestigate in dealing with all aspects of the investigation and management of contaminated land make him the perfect choice for the position. Jack received news of his promotion after returning from the recent Contamination Expo 2017 in London and completion of a major contaminated land remediation scheme in the South of England.

In the UK, development and property is at risk from the ground. Our ground hazards are numerous and varied including unstable slopes, sinkholes, mine workings, mine shafts, infilled quarries, weak and compressible raised or “made ground”, contaminated land, natural radon gas contamination, asbestos waste and building materials, expansive building materials, toxic and flammable landfill and mine gasses and Flood Risk.

Under Jack Harpers leadership Geoinvestigate’s geo-environmental due diligence team can assess the geo-hazards, risks and costs of developing a site in the run-up to purchase by undertaking a thorough professional investigation, interpretation and assessment of the ground and contamination hazards and risks impacting its viability and value. Geoinvestigate also provide a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy including ground remediation and validation monitoring.

Geoinvestigate are the geo-environmental professionals to help you whether you are building, developing, buying or selling property or real estate in the North East or if you want a current snapshot of the potential financial liability to your existing commercial or residential portfolio or land bank from the ground hazards or contaminative substances which lie beneath it. After all it’s all about understanding the ground and Geoinvestigate are experts at this with over 20years experience in ground investigation and contaminated land management to clientele including home owners, builders, developers, insurer, banks and larger corporations

A Geoinvestigate due diligence assessment may take the form of a Desk study, or could even be a full Intrusive site investigation with sample testing. Where existing buildings or property are involved a due diligence survey may require a Phase 1 Desk Top Study and risk assessment followed by say 1 borehole through the floor slab to proof test any earlier remediation that might have been carried out many years before and whether the site meets current environmental standards which have changed over the years. Our due diligence team will not only identify current hazards and risk but also recommend mitigation action to remove or manage risk.

Geoinvestigate’s aim is to help our clients minimise financial exposure from ground and land contamination hazards by thoroughly identifying these hazards and their risks and creating a bespoke plan to design these out or suggest effective mitigation strategies.

Our aim through the design and implementation of professionally expert, comprehensive tailored investigation and assessment strategies is to minimise costs and delays to your new development or real estate purchase and to identify and mitigate residual risk to your existing property, building or land portfolio.

Geo-environmental due diligence project management from risk screening to remediation and project completion

Geoinvestigate due diligence project management from walkover survey to remediation and successful project completion

Our geo-environmental due diligence team provide the following services:

  • Risk Screening – a geotechnical and environmental Desk study, including comprehensive sets of historical maps, searches of Environment Agency records and Local Authority databases and assessment of other relevant sources of geotechnical and environmental information, to identify any risks in your proposed development site.
  • Visual site assessment – a walkover of the site which will supplement the information in the risk screening phase and provide direction for the full-site survey.
  • Full site survey – an intrusive investigation with an interpretive geotechnical and environmental ground investigation report including records of the encountered conditions, an assessment of geotechnical parameters and risks in terms of the proposed construction, and an assessment of environmental risks pertaining to the site and its redevelopment.

A large risk to the majority of developments is unforeseen ground conditions, so the benefits of identifying risks early and ensuring you get it right will always far outweigh the costs of the investigation. It’s about problem solving through understanding the ground, identifying hazards and risk level in relation to your project, development or acquisition.

Jack Harper’s driving mission over the next 5 years is to expand Geoinvestigate’s due diligence team and our range of services both locally in Newcastle, the North East and throughout the UK.

If you need a contaminated land survey or wish to discuss the range of geo-environmental due diligence services we can provide please contact Jack Harper at Geoinvestigate for expert advice.