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Our dedicated team of geoscientists, offer the following wide range of specialist Site investigation services tailored to meet the needs of most types of geo-development. Please contact us for a no obligation quotation or more information about how we can help your project.

Engineering Geology & Geotechnical Engineering

foundation design, abandoned mineworkings, mineshafts, gypsum dissolution, <ahref=”http://www.geoinvestigate.co.uk/building-subsidence-investigation”>building subsidence, slope stability, Coal Mining Risk Assessment Services, Contract drilling clay shrinkage, pipelines, roads, earthworks, Rail sinkholes


land quality, greenfield, brownfield, contamination and contaminated land, pollution, groundwater, remediation, validation, radon gas, landfill gas

Data Acquisition

trial pits, boreholes, probing, drilling, soil sampling, in-situ testing, contamination testing, gas surveys, expansive shale and slag testing


risk assessment, desk studies, walkover survey, Phase 1 investigation, site investigation, Phase 2 investigation

Geoinvestigate can provide a fully integrated total Site investigation service from data acquisition through to consultancy, design and site implementation. Alternatively depending on the clients’ needs we are just as happy to limit our role to data acquisition providing only factual information and records such as borehole logs, soil samples, site monitoring records, laboratory test results or factual reports.