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Microdrill celebrates 50th job

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Since arriving in the UK on 9th July this year Microdrill today completed its 50th coal mining probing job in Newcastle. 5 holes were sunk to 12m in difficult access conditions as can be seen from the photos.

Microdrill on it's 50th job

Microdrill on it’s 50th job

Quiet, fast and creating no mess whatsoever both the client (a major local consulting engineer) and the HMOs facility owners were highly impressed.

Microdrill encountered 4m of drift with workings confirmed between depths of 8m to 10m.

The client insisted upon using Microdrills small volume water flush injection systems as this offers the safest drilling method where coal is present, the gas risk is unknown or undetermined and there are occupied properties nearby – as is so often the case in exploratory coal drilling works in Development High Risk Areas.


In accordance with the Coal Authorities own internal exploratory coal drilling practice Air Mist, Foam and Air flush were not considered safe – only water.

Because of Microdrills low noise, negligible dust emission and safe water flushing system the facility remained open and occupied during the short duration required for the completion of the drilling works.

Geoinvestigate’s drilling team celebrated their 50th with a cup of tea courtesy of the kitchen staff.