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Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment

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The purpose of a Phase 1 Land Contamination Assessment or Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA) is to establish the previous uses of the land under consideration or land nearby or adjacent to it, and to identify potential sources of contamination, receptors and pathways. It is important to identify all past uses of the site, and adjacent or nearby sites, since pollutants have the potential to travel away from the source, depending on the geology, groundwater and surface water of the area.

The Phase 1 Land Contamination Assessment should contain an outline conceptual site model based on the findings of a desktop study and site walkover that characterises all actual or potential pollutant linkages. This will then form the basis of any subsequent work undertaken such as intrusive investigations, risk assessment etc. and set out any necessary remediation works required as part of a subsequent Phase II assessment. Alternatively the findings will rule out the need for further work at an early stage.