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Soil engineering

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The job of a soil engineer is to analyse the soil structure of a proposed building or construction site and to understand problems of existing structures due to conditions of the ground underneath them. Soil engineers normally hold a Degree or Master’s Degree in geotechnical engineering, Foundation engineering or engineering or they may be Civil Engineer specialising in geology

The soils engineer or a geotechnical engineer, is a civil engineer who specialises in evaluating the characteristics of the ground upon which a structure is built. A soil engineer investigates and analyses a site for such qualities as soil characteristics, composition, and drainage. Soil engineers also consider the weight-bearing capacity of the ground under a building’s foundation. They evaluate the likelihood that the building will settle or shift over time

Soil engineers’ calculations are necessary both for designing a foundation for a structure and for designing the structure itself. Soil engineers take borings and soil samples and investigate soil composition and grade, among other factors. This analysis is needed not only for buildings but also for bridges, embankments, roads, and reservoirs. A soil engineer’s consultation may be sought when retrofitting or strengthening an existing structure.